Twin Oaks Crates LLC

Knoxville's Premier Crating Service


Packing and Crating:

Packaging and crating designs for all types of wood packaging needs. We will create a packaging design based on the customer’s needs. Each crate is designed for the specific equipment that will be packaged.

Crate Sales:

Sale of wooden crates for customers packaging their own equipment.

On-Site Packaging:

On-site wood packaging for customers who would like packaging services provided at their facility.

Pick Up Services:

We will pick up the customer’s equipment and transfer it to our facility for packaging if needed.

Digital Crate Design Services:

We have the software capabilities to create drawings for packaging designs.

Vapor Barrier Services

Barrier and desiccant bags can be applied to the products to prevent moisture from getting inside the packaging to the equipment. This eliminates any moisture damage that occurs during shipment.

We have a quality system in place to ensure adequate
record keeping and product reliability.

 ISPM 15 Certified for International Shipments
requiring ISPM 15 Heat Treated Stamping.